Aidan Rooney Gold Unit 1: Part B

Research into Opportunities

Covid 19 meant that opportunities were limited. The only placement students could get was with Neil as he already has an established relationship with the school.


Placement with Neil from Dream Decor

Details of the practitioner and what you hope to learn from them

I did a placement with Neil Baxter from Dream Decor.


Photos of the project

Feedback from Neil

Aidan has only recently taken up sessions with me but he has shown me that he is more than capable of producing some good work. He was able to confidently follow the steps given in the design brief to begin to produce the desired end product.  

Reflection on the placement

During this placement, I was able to create a product that looked professional and had a useful purpose. This tied in with the strengths and weaknesses I wanted to develop in my part A project. The placement was fun and practical, I do a lot of academic subjects so it was fun to do something practical.

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