Aidan Rooney Gold Unit 2: Part E

Because the magazine was launched on the last day of term due to time constraints, there wasn’t time to do an evaluation. Melanie has commented on my leadership skills and there is some feedback from the launch:

I love the magazine because it’s like a microcosm of what all of our students are interested in


That movie was terrifying!


It’s so wonderful to see such an outpouring of creativity from the students


Amazing party!


Well done everyone!


This exhibition is really good.


The magazine is brilliant, well done.


You all did amazingly and should be so proud of yourselves after such a difficult year. It’s been an honour working with you all.


Aidan’s Leadership skills – Comments from Melanie

Creating a design that showcases the work of everyone  Aidan showed huge initiative with the design of the magazine. I had planned to work on the cover and pages when we returned to school after the closures but Aidan got started on this by himself at home. By the time he returned the designs were ready to share and Aidan raised the point in the meeting by himself. His final design is a great idea as it includes everyone’s handprint and the illustrations on each page gave quieter students a way to be involved
Working with others to produce a final product  The whole group worked very well together but Aidan really took the lead. I am listed as managing editor, but really it was Aidan who took over. There were times when I thought we wouldn’t finish in time, but Aidan made sure that we did!
Managing others and delegating  This is a tricky skill for Aidan as he likes to take control. I was impressed that he was able to delegate the handprints and illustrations to others. I was also impressed that while he was a great copy editor, he didn’t try to hard to change the original voices of the students who submitted.
Helping artists to be confident in their work.  The whole magazine does this. Aidan was in charge of selecting putting up the art work in the exhibition and I think this was a real factor in making th students feel like artists. He even included students who had not finished their award at this time like Nick and Jade.
Talking to other team members and making joint decisionsAidan was good at running votes in meetings. He made sure decisions were made fairly.

This is the end of my arts award portfolio.

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