Aidan Rooney Gold Unit 1 Part A

Arts Award Gold Qualification Specification:

  •  identification of a main art form/practice and development of skills within a new art form
  • ◗  development of new arts pathways
  • ◗  understanding of the relationship of their own arts activity to current arts practice
  • ◗  a new piece of art work or arts practice
  • ◗  sharing the new work
  • ◗  how to collect feedback and evaluate their overall development

This could include:

  • ◗  details of their main art form/practice
  • ◗  details of the new art form/practice and why they have chosen it
  • ◗  a skills development plan
  • ◗  evidence of working with a practitioner experienced within the new art form or arts practice
  • ◗  evidence of progress
  • ◗  evidence of the new work
  • ◗  evidence of sharing the new work
  • ◗  feedback from others
  • ◗  a final review, including reflection on the new skills developed and the influence they have had on their main art form/practice

My main art form is Film making, because I like the symbolism you can create whilst also showing people things they might not have seen without documentaries.

This is my Media Studies mock exam from last year. This is one of the first films I made.

The New Skill I would like to learn is Editing because I am interested in how different artists can use the same material to create entirely different narratives and manipulate audiences.


I made a movie trailer for my media GCSE’s. Since then, I have been very interested in documentary making for a while after finding the Dogumentary tv channel & Ghengis con films channel on youtube.

Generating Ideas

Channels with documentaries, and documentaries I enjoy – a channel that shows the lives of MMA fighters in Miami, in two different series, both centred on fighter Jorge Masvidal and his journey through the sport, and also a multiple season series on the life o fighters a Phuket Top Team in Thailand – Dogumentary TV is a great channel for information on dog breeds, the business of breeding dogs, and dog training all in one – the game changers documentary on Netflix. while it is both biased and heavily disputed, still a very interesting film on the science behind the vegan diet – a great documentary on trying to achieve fitness goals, showing how it is all possible, but how much you also need a good deal of discipline

A documentary on the career of my favourite fighter, and one of the greatest of his time, Gennadiy ‘GGG’ Golovkin, starting of at his amateur career up to present day
A great documentary on Lomachenko, who is a two time Olympic gold medallist, and the quickest three weight champion in boxing history, who entered the sport as a young child, and now has achieved being considered the best boxer in the world for the past 4 years, despite being heavily avoided by other top fighters.
Less of a documentary and a little less professional too, but these videos – made by most fitness and especially vegan fitness youtubers – are always entertaining and informative, and show a little (as you can see in the thumbnail) of how to attract viewers
A film on the build up, fight and aftermath of Conor vs Khabib, the biggest fight in UFC history

Strengths and Weaknesses


StrengthWhat I have done in the past to show this strength
Working independentlyCompleted my silver arts award during quarantine
Working with clayMaking a clay mask for silver arts award
Being inspired by other artistsLooking at horror masks and aliens from Rick and Morty for inspiration on my mask
Understanding complementary coloursUsing complimentary colours in my mask design


GoalWhy I would like to develop this skill
Creating a professional finished productSo I can open up other job opportunities in the future
Telling a story with my artworkSo I can make a film/documentary with a comprehensible storyline
Using sound to express emotionSo that I can make a soundtrack that can express emotion from myself to the viewer 
Creating a product that has a practical purposeSo I can use the product to measure how useful other projects i create can be

Working With Practitioners

Melanie Jones – Photographer

I completed a photography project with Melanie and part of that project helped me to develop my editing skills.

Melanie is a photographer based in south London, who got her degree in 2005, and has been working in the field ever since then, while also tutoring at different schools and universities since then.

a screenshot of some of Melanie’s work

Unboxing the lights: We got a new set of studio lights at school and unboxed them as a class so we could learn how to use them independently.

unboxing the lights

Learning to use studio lights (and the types of lighting – 1 point 2 point etc.) Melanie taught us about different kinds of lighting and we experimented with them.

My first time setting up the lights

Learning to use the camera: I have used an SLR before but only on auto mode, Melanie showed me how to manually set the exposure and focus so I could make my own decisions about how the image would appear which is a kind of editing of the subject.

practising taking photos
posing a model for a one-point lighting photo

The new skill I want to learn is editing, so for me, editing images in Photoshop was the most important part of this mini-project. Melanie gave me a brief to follow as this is what would happen in a professional setting:

My brief: Create a fight poster using photographs taken in the studio.

Using photos off of google for each flag and the fighters I made a poster for a fight I would really like to see between two of the top five fighters in the world. I made this in Photoshop.

My plan for the poster.

The pictures – I decided to play both fighters in my fight poster. So I set up the studio lights using a three point set-up and then used a remote trigger to fire the camera.

The final product

My fight poster, using one photo from the shoot, cutting it in half and editing each half to look different then drawing in a background and adding text over it how fight posters do. This was all done in Photoshop using the editing skills I have

Aidan, you did really well in this mini-photography project. You learnt how to use the camera and studio to tell a story with your images and was able to work independently and help others. I know that editing was the most important part of the project for you and I was really impressed with your Photoshop skills. Not only did you learn the basics, you also started thinking about “best practice”. When I look at the original raw photo from the camera I see a young man who looks a little nervous. In the final poster, I see two hardened fighters. This really shows how your use of EDITING achieved a completely different emotion and narrative in the work. The difference between the two halves of the image also shows this.

Feedback from Melanie on the product

How I developed each of my chosen skills through this project.

GoalWhy I would like to develop this skillMelanie’s Comments
Creating a professional finished productI worked on making a professional finished product with Photoshop, editing the images I took into a fight poster. I worked on setting up the lights to take photos, editing pictures in Photoshop using tools such as lasso, and I worked on posing for my pictures.The product is completed to a near professional standard and certainly matches the brief. There are a few tiny tweaks Aidan could have made like removing the hook and a few of the marks on the wall using the clone tool.
Telling a story with my artworkI worked on telling a story with my product through expressions and colours in my poster, and with text to help it along too.The narrative of a fight is conveyed well in the poster through colour, the lines and the steely facial expression.
Creating a product that has a practical purposeThe purpose of the product is to advertise the fight.This poster would make a good advert for a fight and Aidan could use these skills in the MMA community.

Eric John Campbell – Editor

I wanted to work with a film editor as well as a photography editor because my main skill is filming and I wanted to learn more about editing my films. In the past I just used jump cuts or templates.

Because of Covid-19, I was unable to connect with a film editor face to face and I had to stop trying to find one. Instead, my teachers set me up with a Udemy course taught by Eric John Campbell.

This is a screenshot of my working in iMovie with some of the resources from the Udemy course.
Here I am working through the Udemy course online at school.

Feedback – This course asks students to post assignments on a public forum. Becuase I am under 18, and the school set up my account, I couldn’t submit films of that had other under 18 year olds in them. So I couldn’t get feedback from the instructor. But I do have a certificate of completion.

The certificate I got for completing my Udemy course.

GoalHow I developed this skill on the Udemy Course
Creating a professional finished productFILL
Telling a story with my artworkFILL
Using sound to express emotionFILL
Creating a product that has a practical purposeFILL

My project plan

To collect research I will:

  • watch similar documentaries to what i plan to make
  • watch possible videos to use in my project
  • look at stories on Viktor Postol
  • look into other Ukranian fighters

To plan, practise, and prepare for my project I will:

  • work on my editing skills
  • practice making a soundtrack
  • do a work placement at a film studio or with a documentary maker
  • look at other documentaries made on the same subject

To create my project I will:

  • List
  • List
  • List
  • List

To evaluate the success of my project I will:

  • List
  • List
  • List
  • List

Evidence of Progress

Preparing for the New Work

The first thing I needed to do was gather my raw material. I am creating a narrative documentary using found footage and my editing skills so I need to gather all of the raw material. Most of what I need is on Youtube and I wanted to get a 30 day trial account so that I could download the clips that I need. Before I sign up for the free account, I did research on Youtube and started making lists of the video clips I would need:

Sometimes I worked on paper like I did above, but I also had a Google Doc where I could copy and paste all the links that I needed:

Paste Google doc here.

You set yourself the task of making a list of all the clips you needed but you have done more than that, your work on paper shows that you are starting to consider the narrative that you are going to build. In your evaluation, I think it will be interesting to discuss different spins you could have put on this material if you wanted to.

Feedback from Melanie

Aidan set himsel

Creating The New Work

Creation and ongoing evaluation

Overcoming Challenges

Editing / Post Production

Photographing the Work

Click here to see my online exhibition!


Feedback surveys and reaction from others

My Evaluation of this project

How I improved on my weaknesses

GoalWhere I stand now with this skill
Creating a professional finished product
Telling a story with my artwork
Using sound to express emotion
Creating a product that has a practical purpose

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