AR – Unit 1: Part D

Research “Trip” to the British Museum.

It wasn’t possible to go and look at masks in the British Museum once lockdown started and everything closed. We wanted to go on the last day of term before the Easter break. Instead, we all looked at the amazing British Museum Virtual Tour. Here are some interesting masks and headdresses that I looked at for inspiration.

Dance Mask

Birds of Paradise Headdress

Benin Brass Head

Stone Lion Head

Korean Face Roof Tile

Namgis Mask

Gorgon’s Head Bowl

Case Study – Russ Lukich

What I have learnt: Russ Lukich shows that you have to be interested in creating and making things from a young age. If you want to be taken seriously you should be making things all the time. You should work on something that actually interests you so it doesn’t feel like work.

The British Museum shows that masks can be created for all sorts of reasons and that you can take inspiration from all sorts of places. Some art has a purpose and other art is just nice to look at but I prefer art that has a purpose.

This is the end of Unit 1.

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