AR – Unit 2: Part B

Mission Action Planning - Diocese of Manchester

Action Plan

What practical issues do I need to consider?

How I will set up the gallery and how I will create a criteria to pick a winner. How many people chose to do it is also a concern.

What is the timescale for this project? What needs to happen when?

I need the finished art pieces in before the second to last week of school, giving me a week to decided upon the results, which I will give in on the Monday of the last week.

Promotion. How will I tell others about this project?

Through the school newsletter

Delivery. How will I interact with the participants? How will the project play out?

I will give a check up two weeks out, then I will also post a criteria if anyone asks.

How will I find out if the project was a success?

I will give out a survey to the participants and the others who come in to view it, and my scale for success will be based on the participants’ satisfaction.

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