AR – Unit 2: Part E

In order to find out what people thought of my Art Competition I made this survey:

Aidan’s Art Challenge Survey

Here are the results of my survey:

Survey Results

My Evaluation of the project

I created an art competition that people could do whenever as it was only 5 minutes. I wanted to develop the  skills to push and motivate people.

Despite lockdown, I worked with others during this project, my teacher Melanie kept me up to date on what was happening with the project and my Mum got the materials for me.

When people gave feedback, they said that they could see that my strengths were motivating others and pushing people to their potential.

People said that my project was good at “making art very accessible and non-threatening”, that I “included as many entrants as possible” and that I “gave clear instructions and gave people lots of time to work on their art”

Looking at the feedback, if I did a project like this again, I would tell people the judging criteria before starting the competition.

This is the end of Unit 2.

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