Bateman Gold Unit 1: Part B

Placement with Neil from Dream Decor

Working with Neil

Neil runs the bespoke painting and decorating company Dream Decor. I chose to work with him from several placements I could have chosen because I wanted to have a skill that I could use in the professional world. I also know that sometimes photographers need to build sets and all artists have to put on exhibitions and the skills I learned with Neil could help with that.



Photos of my project

Feedback from Neil

Alice is clearly a talented student as shown through the work she has produced. She is confidently and skilfully able to plan out and execute her brief quite independently. Being a perfectionist Alice can be quite self critical of her work which is both a gift and a curse. She has used an iPad to search for ideas and sanding machines in addition to brush and roller work.  

How working with Neil helped me achieve my goals

Me and Neil adapted my goals from unit 1 A to fit with this project

Being Free and Experimental in my artwork

I was able to do this in the early stages of my projects

Using Tools and Equipment independently

once I had done a few lessons with Neil, I was able to use advanced tools independently and I worked on my projects outside of the placement by myself

Using Ipad Software / Stylus

I used this to plan out and sketch my ideas

Using contrasting patterns in my artwork

I used a contrasting pattern in the skateboard design

I really enjoyed this placement, I am happy that I created a usable product that is related to my interest of skateboarding. I have useful skills now that I could use in a lot of different careers.

Virtual Art Placement

I also did a virtual placement with watercolour artist Barbara Jones. Barbara sent a video tour of her work space and set a task for me.

Barbara’s Website:

Melanie knows Barbara and she showed me some of her work:

I sent her this email:

Dear Barbara,

My art teacher, Melanie Jones, showed me some of your work and I really like the way your paintings seem hyper-real. I also like how you use light and contrast and this is something I am trying to work on. For my Arts Award I have to do a placement with a practitioner but this has been hard because of covid. I was hoping I could do a virtual placement with you. My teacher says this would mean that you would send me a video tour of your studio or workspace, a challenge, and then some feedback on the challenge.

Thanks for your time,


She sent back

Dear Alice,

Thank you for your lovely comments on my paintings. I would be happy to work with you and will send you some videos in the next few days.



These are the videos she sent me:

Tour 1

Tour 2

Tour 3

Art Challenge

Reflection on the practitioner

I enjoyed watching this video tour. Barbara is very meticulous which is a bit like me. It was really interesting to see all of her tools and how she sets up her workflow she had lots of good tips.

Barbara also sent me some watercolour paper, a set of watercolours, a brush, and some masking tape:

My work for the challenge

I didn’t get time to finish the work for the challenge.

How working with Barbara helped me to achieve my goals

Using equipment independently

Because Barbara wasn’t there to help me, I had to be independent

Using Software independently

I didn’t use software in this project, apart from watching the videos

Understanding light and shadow

This was a key part of the challenge. I have used this skill in lots of different mediums now.

Working in black and white and using contrast

I didn’t use black and white in this project, but I did look at contrast

Choosing the right materials

I didn’t have to choose because Barbara sent me a pack. However, in her tour, she talks about the importance of mixing green rather than using green paint.

Being free and experimental

I changed the brief Barbara gave me as I experimented with the watercolours.

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