Bateman Gold Unit 1: Part C

Arts Award Gold Qualification Specification:

  • research into more advanced arts practitioners, their work and any organisations that support them, including details of
    any contact with the more advanced arts practitioners chosen or others involved with their work
  • ◗  reviews of relevant arts events
  • ◗  reflection on how their research and experiences have influenced their own arts practice and/or plans and how they might develop their arts practice in the future

Olafur Eliasson Event Review

Exhibition/ event review 2

Exhibition / event review 3

Exhibition / event review 4

Exhibition / event review 5

Evidence of sharing reviews

Research into at least 3 famous artists

Career map of a famous artist

Interview with Fiona Kelly Photographer

Explain where you found out about Fiona and how you contacted her.

Fiona’s Website

1. How long have you been working in the industry? 

I have been a photographer for over 10 years

 2. How did you get into your position? 

I trained as a graphic designer and did photography as a part of this course. I then got a job as a graphic designer but also art directed photographic shoots. I did this work for nearly 14 years before I took my photography hobby and love into a business and career.

 3. Has the industry changed since you have started? If so in what way? 

The industry has become more competitive with many more photographers since I started, but equally its become more creative with amazing work being produced. For the most part its a very supportive industry to work in.

 4. Is there any advice you wish you had heard before getting into photography Professionally? 

I wish I had been aware of all the other things I would need to do to run a photography business. The actual photography is only one small part of the job, you have to have so many more skills to make it a professional job, ie, marketing, business management, sales etc.

 5. Are there any skills that surprised you when moving forward with photography?        

I was surprised how many skills I had already that were transferrable, organising shoots, designing albums, networking, time management    

6. How do you motivate yourself/ your team? 

When its your business that is the motivation. To allow yourself to have the life you want by creating the business you want. 

 7. What do you do if you get an art block? 

I step away and give myself time to do something different. Often breathing space clears any blocks

 8. What’s the best job decision you’ve ever made?

 To start the business in the first place

 9. What’s the worst job decision you’ve ever made? 

I spent money in the wrong places when I first started as I didnt know any better. This cost me but it was a lesson learned!

 10. What’s the favorite thing about your job?

Working with the people I work with. I work with amazing couples and wonderful clients who trust me to create photos they will love. I want to keep building and to do great work for my clients.

Comment on this responses from Fiona, explain what it taught you about the photography industry and what where the key lessons you learnt.

Overview of learning

This is how the research carried out in this unit has helped me to develop as an artist in relation to my goals.

Using studio equipment independently

Using Photoshop independently

Understanding light and shadow

Working in black and white and using contrast

Choosing the right materials

Being free and experimental

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