Bateman Gold Unit 2: Part A

Leadership Project

Arts Award Gold Qualification Specification:

A project plan detailing (but not limited to):

  • –  reflection on the qualities needed
  • –  a description of their role and the specific leadership skills they want to develop
  • –  a description of the project, its aims and desired outcomes
  • –  how their role relates to the roles of others (if any)
  • –  plans for monitoring progress and collecting feedback

My Project

Describe the Golds Arts Award magazine project here and explain what your roles in it are.

Leadership skills

List of skills you want to develop through this project and why you think that they are important.

Background information

Talk about the meeting with Sue Tyley and how she set us up with certain roles.

Project Aims and Outcomes

We came up with aims and outcomes for this project that you can list here.

How I will work with others

Explain your roles in more detail and the roles of others involved in the project as well as any outside help you will need

Judging the success of the project and monitoring progress

How will you judge that the magazine is a success and how will you measure progress along the way? You can talk about the fortnightly meetings we have and the opportunity to discuss your role as time moves forward in the project.

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