Bateman Gold Unit 2: Part E

The Magazine Launch was on the last day of term so I couldn’t do a proper evaluation. I also wasn’t able to be at school because of covid related anxiety. Melanie made comments on my leadership skills and we did get some feedback though:


Lead by example, work hard so that others will be inspired to work hard

  • Alice worked hard on this project even when she was at home which is something that Alice has really struggled with in the past. Other students saw that Alice hadn’t given up and it encouraged them to keep going.

Take the initiative on ideas, go ahead and make decisions without checking with teachers

  • Alice had a lot of ideas for this project, especially early on. It was her idea for me and Helen to write a forward and afterword to bookend the magazine and her idea to profile artists in the magazine. Alice wanted the magazine to be professional and she worked independently on this.

Encourage others to be involved, and make them feel good about themselves

  • Alice was particularly supportive of Jade. Jade was very nervous about including her comic and she took a long time to produce it because of this. Alice was supportive and encouraging and made sure to praise Jade’s artwork whenever she saw it.

Listen to the ideas of others and incorporate them

  • Alice did very well at this. A phrase she often said in meetings was “Maybe we could…” after another student raised an idea. Even if the idea seemed outlandish, Alice was good at coming up with ways to include it.

Understand that everyone has a different range of skills and help them to contribute at the right level for them

  • Alice’s idea to include a mention of Cael’s musical achievements in the magazine.

The list of skills above covers some of this

Feedback from others on the magazine and launch party

I love the magazine because it’s like a microcosm of what all of our students are interested in


That movie was terrifying!


It’s so wonderful to see such an outpouring of creativity from the students


Amazing party!


Well done everyone!


This exhibition is really good.


The magazine is brilliant, well done.


You all did amazingly and should be so proud of yourselves after such a difficult year. It’s been an honour working with you all.


This is the end of my arts award portfolio.

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