BH – Unit 2: Part A

Community Murals

In this piece of artwork I plan on projecting the qualities I think are desirable onto other people through art. I hope to inspire young people to be better versions of themselves. I tried to focus on spreading positivity from negativity. The quality I wish to explore is one of happiness and forward thinkingness, empathy and consideration, kindness rewards oneself and others. The attributes that people could bring into their daily lives starting with themselves but helping to make the world a better place. I also want to inspire people to make art of their own.

Leadership skills I want to develop

  • Spreading positivity through art
  • Inspiring others
  • Political awareness
  • Turning negativity into positivity

The Plan

  • Create a community mural that spreads a positive message
  • Place the mural on the side of the school where staff, students, and members of the public can see it
  • Create a blank piece of primed wall for others to do their own graffiti on inspired by my work


Unit 2 part b – Making the mural

My portfolio