Boateng – Digital Character Design

An original character created in Photoshop by Prince Caleb Boateng for his Gold Arts Award

I am so impressed with your final digital character design, Prince. It is hard to believe that this is your first ever character drawing and your first-ever digital drawing. I know that there are things you would like to work on, but the personality expressed in the facial expression and the way you have drawn the clothes are all excellent. You combined your new drawing skills with your existing digital skills very well. I am also impressed with the shading, both the shadows and highlights are rendered well and really bring the piece to life.

Feedback from Melanie

This is pretty cool, well done!

Treasure House student

I really like the look on his face.

Treasure House Student

This looked great in the end of term exhibition. Backstory is good too.

Treasure House Student

It’s good to see that you have used what you learned during your Udemy course. I can see that you have implemented a lot of the lessons we did together.

Barney Locke

This is your first ever character? Excellent work!

Comment from private view

Arts Award Portfolio for Prince Caleb Boateng