Boateng Gold Unit 1: Part B

Placement with Neil from Dream Decor


Photos of my Work

Feedback from Neil

Prince has shown he can produce some good work when he focuses and puts his mind to it. He has produced a number of pieces of work quite confidently and independently over the year using multiple professional painting and decorating tools and equipment along the way. 

Reflection on the placement

WeaknessesHow my placement helped with this
Expressing emotion and feeling in my artworkSport is something that creates emotion. By using my team in my designs I have connected with that emotions and some people it will make them happy to see it, and others, like Neil himself who supports Arsenal, it will make them unhappy!
Art that looks like real life (realism)We changed this to be art that is inspired by real-life for this project. I was inspired by a love of football. Also I worked on a city skyline theme based on London.
Rough construction drawings and sketchesI planned out my woodwork before creating it. This helped me not to make mistakes.
Telling a story with my artworkWe worked on a cartoon strip that tells a story

This was an enjoyable placement that gave me lots of opportunities to develop my skills and get an idea of what it is like to use professional painting and decorating techniques.

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