Boateng Gold Unit 1: Part C

This part of Prince’s portfolio is incomplete due to Covid. He will reflect on this in his adapted assessment. Prince organised the trip to the Forbidden Planet. It was his idea. We went just after he started at Treasure House. This trip was in early March 2019. The week after the trip, schools closed due to lockdown. We were unable to go on any more trips while Prince was still working on his Arts Award. School closures and absence due to anxiety and illness also meant that Prince had less time than usual to complete the award.

Melanie Jones

This is what he has achieved in this section (complete work in bold):

  • Exhibition / event review 1 – Forbidden Planet
  • Exhibition/ event review 2 – None – Prince wanted to go to the Tate Modern
  • Exhibition / event review 3 – None – Prince wanted to go to the Lego Store
  • Exhibition / event review 4 – None – Prince wanted to go to Google Headquarters (we discussed that this probably wouldn’t have been possible anyway!)
  • Exhibition / event review 5 – None – Prince wanted to go to an animation studio, we discussed Footprints in Peckham where they create physical and digital props.
  • Evidence of sharing reviews – Prince made an advert to include in the school art magazine.
  • Research into at least 3 famous artists – Complete
  • Career map of a famous artist – Incomplete due to time constraints
  • Interview with a practitioner about development pathways – Incomplete due to time constraints
  • Overview of learning and relation to strengths and weaknesses – Complete

Forbidden Planet Trip

Because I was drawing a Manga character, I wanted to visit Forbidden Planet in London where they sell Manga as well as all sorts of other cult entertainment items. It helps to see how an art form is turned into a commercial thing.

Forbidden Planet Originals: Forbidden Planet: Enamel Pin: Rocket @ - UK and Worldwide Cult Entertainment Megastore

Products they sell

Comics and Graphic Novels
Toys and Collections
Clothing and Accessories 
DvD and Audio

Features of the Store

LocationEndeavour House, 179 Shaftebury Ave, London WC2H 8JR
SizeIt’s a megastore with a bunch of pop culture stuff. In other words, its very big.
StoreysThere are two storeys.
What can be found on each storey?Upstairs its a bunch of Action figures and downstairs its filled of books and manga.
Photo of the store from the outside

This trip appeals to…

NerdsIt really has the things that a nerd would really like. very nerdy.
GeeksThey would love half the stuff that is there. really. they would.

What I liked about Forbidden Planet…

What I likedWhy
The manga sectionHad really interesting stuff there. VERY interesting stuff
The toysLooked very nice, very polished. 
The figurines Beautiful. No words.
ComicsVery vintage and modern at the same time. Very nice.

What kind of art forms are involved in Forbidden Planet?

Art formHow it relates to the products.
Illustrations The manga is illustrated and tells a story
AnimationMany of the DVDs here are anime and they are a big seller
Sculpture / 3D printingThere are so many figures for sale here
FashionYou can get outfits and T-Shirts here

Sharing my review

I made this advert to go into the school magazine. It was pretty effective. Out of 15 students at our school, 5 of them didn’t get to go on the Forbidden Planet Trip because they weren’t here then. After I made the advert, they talked to me about it and they all wanted to go and were sad they missed it.

Research into my top 10 favourite Artists

Overall Reflection

WeaknessesHow trips and research helped me
Expressing emotion and feeling in my artworkI saw a lot of emotive artwork at Forbidden planet. Looking at artists like Eminem and Stormzy taught me a lot about how to express emotion. Especially Eminem as he tells emotive stories in his music. Norihito Sumitomo is also a very emotive composer who writes music for games.
Art that looks like real life (realism)Many of my favourite artists use real life as inspiration. Also, at Forbidden Planet we saw how realistic and hyper-realistic some of the bodies can be.
Rough construction drawings and sketchesIt is obvious that the artists at Forbidden Planet had to use rough sketches to create their amazing work. They also sell lots of books about how to draw and they all include construction sketches.
Telling a story with my artworkIn my research, I found that all good art tells a story. This is an idea I am going to develop in unit one part D.

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