Boateng Gold Unit 2: Part A

Leadership Project – The Treasure House Art Magazine

My Project

A message from Melanie

“Hi students, this year, I thought it would be good if all the Arts Award students worked on a leadership project together and if it was something that could showcase the art work of every artist at the school. Do you have any ideas for what that could be?”
We decided as a group to create an Art Magazine for staff, students, and the Peckham community that would be launched at the end of term with an art exhibition, private view and party.

My Role in the Project: Editorial Director and Social Media Officer

Leadership skills

I was encouraged to be the editorial director because I am good at knowing what students are interested in and I wanted to be social media officer so I could help communicate the project. These are the leadership skills I wanted to develop:

  • Communicating with others
  • Helping other people to share their art
  • Showing others that they can succeed
  • Working as part of a team
  • Being confident and helping others to be confident.

Project Aims and Outcomes

In the third meeting of the magazine, we came up with a vision statement as a group:

Goal: To create an Art Magazine to showcase the work of Treasure House students and other artists that will encourage people to make art of their own.

You can see all of the minutes of the Treasure Art Magazine Meetings here and I will talk more about them in Unit 2:c.

What I will need from others

We will be working as a team with Melanie as the project manager. In the second meeting of the magazine we decided on the following roles:

  • Project Director and administrator – Melanie
  • Managing Editor – Kristin 
  • Head of Design – Aidan
  • Events Management – Savannah
  • Editorial Directors – Prince and Alice
  • Head of Research – Prince and Savannah
  • Social Media – Prince
  • Finance Officer – Kristin and Aidan
  • Head of Photography – Emily / Kristin

Judging the success of the project and monitoring progress

Here are the ways that we will judge the success of the project. We also decided these as a group in the third meeting:

  • We complete the magazine by the end of the summer term
  • We involve every student in the school in the magazine and the events
  • We observe people reading the magazine at the launch party
  • We get positive feedback from the launch party
  • The magazine incorporates the ideas and personalities of everyone who works on it.

We will also give each other ongoing feedback by having fortnightly meetings

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