David Hume

“Was it David Hume?” You ask.

Descartes scratches his head and then a memory seems to come to him.

In a moment of suspense which drags on for eternity, the identity of the kidnapper is revealed… As the kidnapper is revealed we discover it is the infamous David Hume.

“YES! HUME!” Descartes shouts.

Suddenly you hear footsteps in the street, a man is running away!

Hume shouts manically in despair as he runs, “You finally found me!”.

You and Descartes rush out into the street but David Hume unleashes his fury and rage when you ask what his motives are for the kidnapping.

“The whole town wanted riddance of him… his illogical yet redundant claims of existence and the non-sensical ontological arguments he could come up with led me to the brink of insanity; I had to do something… for the sake of humanity”.

You argue with Hume about morals and ethics about kidnapping Descartes, how Hume does not have the right to kidnap someone and how freedom of speech should be a real thing as Descartes has done nothing wrong.

Descartes taunts Hume by exclaiming, “God will protect my pure soul from the monster Hume is!”

Hume squares up to Descartes in a fit of rage and in the moment of tension, Descartes farts and the smell is so bad that it incapacitates Hume for long enough that the authorities can apprehend him.

Well done, you solved our Philosophy Escape Room!

This game was created by Owen and he would love to hear what you thought of it!