ESU Bronze Part A

Participating in the arts

My Strengths and Weaknesses as a photographer:

I worked out my strengths and weaknesses by talking to my classmates and looking at images I took in photography lessons.

Ideas for the project:

My Idea for an Arts Challenge:

Action Plan

Making Spells using Photoshop Brushes

Learning to use the Photography Studio

Hard Light and Soft Light

My practice studio images

My best still life studio photo.

Using Photoshop and natural light

I made a Christmas card using Photoshop and a picture
I took. It wasn’t snowing so I made the snow in Photoshop.

My Final Project

For my Harry Potter Spell Photos, I researched Jaap Buitendjik, a photographer who worked on Harry Potter

You can see my research here.

How I made the spell photos

Evaluation of the pictures

You can see the final images here.

Part B

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