Kant’s Secret

Kant slyly states that the philosopher and mathematician, Blaise Pascal, might know where Descartes is or what happened to him. Kant is a man of his word and accordingly gives you the information you desire. He mutters to you where Blaise Pascal lives and you gratefully write down the location on a notepad. 

You make your way to the house…

As you arrive there at the derelict house the door is slightly open and the door screeches as you gently push it open wider and walk into the house, Pascal is sitting on the floor with his legs crossed swaying back and forth,

“Word of mouth travels fast, I’ve been waiting.”

You instantly ask,

“Where is Descartes?”

He looks up at you and chuckles.

“I know where he is but you have to prove yourself to me”.

You throw one of his chairs with pace in a fit of anger,

“Enough of these games Pascal, where is he?!”

Blaise Pascal smirks and says with suspense

“It’s the only way I know you’ll find him or not…”.

Your ears prick up and you begrudgingly ask, “What is the riddle?”

Pascal’s Question

I’m thinking of a number, I divide this number by 3, subtract 25 and add 5 back on and my new number is 30. What is the original number I was thinking of? The answer will give the house number on the Rue Saint Jacques (the oldest street in Paris) where I know Descartes is being held!

Rue st. Jacques

You arrive at the Rue st. Jacques, but which number house do you go to?

Hint 1: Highlight the text in the box below for a hint

Try working Pascal’s question backwards, starting with 30.

Hint 2: Highlight the text in the box below for another hint

To get the answer, follow the sum backwards like this: 30-5+25=? Then multiply your answer by 3. You are free to use a calculator or ask for help!