KB – Unit 1: Part C

I organised a trip to the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Tate Modern. The abstract use of colour influenced my final project a lot, especially the dreamy colour washes.

It was my idea to go on this trip, and I did most of the planning for it with the help of my art teacher.

All of the pictures below are photos that I took at the gallery. This was a good thing about the exhibit, you were allowed to take photos inside.

I chose to go to this exhibition because my parents and my sister went to it but I was too ill to go. When my Mum came back and showed me all the pictures I was wanting to go really bad so I asked the school to help me set up a trip. At first, it was just for year 12 but everybody wanted to come and pretty much the whole school came to the exhibition and enjoyed it showing how popular it was. The exhibition was stunning, I loved all the displays in the different rooms and it was amazing for photography because there were so many effects in each room and it just made it magical.
My favourite exhibit was Your Uncertain Shadow (Colour). This had to be my favourite part of the whole exhibition. It was unique to each person and it gave off an effect that was just incredible. I had never seen anything like this before. Because the effect made more than one of you in your shadow, it was like you could see all of your different personalities and roles split out. Although this was my favourite part, most of the rooms had interesting things that you could interact with.
My overall perspective was that the exhibition was amazing. All of the rooms with work in were just stunning. It was relaxing and calming being in an environment where you can relax and just be yourself. If you visit, the artwork will inspire you. It is great to see that a lot of people are coming to see Eliasson’s work. I would definitely want to come again.

Mario Sorrenti

In order to inform my project I carried out a case study on the photographer Marion Sorrenti.