KB – Unit 2: Part B

Working with others

Working with Melanie, my art teacher

I needed to learn how to use the newsletter and I needed my art teacher’s help. So I could practice, she set me up a dummy account where I could build my newsletter before it got sent out to everyone.

She made a video for me showing me how to use the account. I can’t show the full video as it includes passwords and sensitive information, but here are some screenshots.

Working with Oliver, the art therapist from my school

I needed contributions from other teachers. Oliver has made a cloud gallery for all of the students and teachers and he said I could put some of his art challenges in my newsletter

These are the challenges he came up with:

ART CHALLENGE #1 Draw or paint something you can see out of your window- It could be something big or small- It can be a quick doodle or take a long time
ART CHALLENGE #2A Painting from Random Stuff – Lay down a blanket or towel on a floor. This is your background or “canvas”. Lay down clothes, blankets and objects to make a “painting” or picture out of things. You could create an ‘abstract’ picture from putting together shapes, patterns and colours, or try to make it look like something. Photograph it and share it with Oliver. Don’t forget to put all those things back!

Working with Art Professionals