Mbungu Gold Unit 1: Part B

Placement with Neil from Dream Decor

I did a placement with Neil Baxter from Dream Decor for Unit 1 part B. Here is the evidence of my placement:


I did lots of different things with Neil and I learnt loads of new skills. Mostly what I did was to decorate items with images from pop culture which kind of tied in with the horror movies I made with Melanie. Some of the items I made with Neil were also displayed in the exhibition I organised in my leadership project.

Here are the photos from my placement:

Feedback from Neil

Savannah has really shown some big improvements in the time that I have taught her. Managing to master the creation of numerous pieces of art work as well as some up-cycling furniture. She was confidently able to work independently and without instructions on a number of her pieces, whilst learning to use some professional painting and decorating equipment and techniques.  

Reflection on the placement

Here is how the placement helped me to develop my skills as an artist:

  • Too many ideas and not good at picking which ones to use – I had limited time with Neil so I had to narrow down what I wanted to decorate and how I wanted to spend my time.
  • Nerves – Working with Neil helped me to be more confident about expressing my interests. It was also good because people came and talked to me about what I made which meant that I was able to use my art as a way of connecting with people.
  • Direction of emotions in others – As you can see on my timesheet, I used contrasting colours to tell a story and I also used them to convey emotion
  • Independence – Neil said ‘she was confidently able to work independently and without instructions on a number of her pieces.”

I enjoyed the placement with Neil and would like to do something like this again.

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