Mbungu Gold Unit 2: Part D

Public Showing of the work

We worked as a team on the magazine all year. But the public showing happened on the last day of term at the party which I organised as my role in the leadership project. Here is a photo story of how it went!

Setting up the Exhibition

The exhibition was in the open plan downstairs DT area where there are while walls. On the table is some of the art I did with Barney during lockdown. You can also see the book cover for The Exorcist from my Bronze Arts Award.
Jade didn’t finish her comic, but we made sure it was still displayed with a plaque.
Kristin’s Photography.
Kristin’s photography and Nick’s pixel art.
Nick’s Pexel Art and Cael’s Photography.
Emily’s Photography and Prince’s Manga Design
Prince’s Manga, Aidan’s digital art, and my book cover.
Mock ups of the magazine on display under a print out of the cover designed by Aidan.

The Screening

At first we tried to set up a projector to screen the films, but the projector was faulty on the day and kept turning off.

The Viewing station we set up so that people could watch the films

Setting up Decorations

The Selfie Wall

Setting up the balloons and decorations
Non alcoholic drinks ready!
The red carpet!

On the Day!

Waiting for guests to arrive along the red carpet.

Melanie introduces the Arts award Exhibition and gives a speech.

The Party in full swing

Student performances

Prince prepares to play Fur Elise
Cael plays piano
Me singing!
Frankie singing and playing
Owen singing

People enjoying the exhibition

Photos from the Selfie Wall taken by Kristin

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