Mbungu Gold Unit 2: Part E

I didn’t get time to do a proper evaluation because the launch event for the magazine wasn’t until the last day of term and we didn’t finish the magazine until that day. But I am pasting reflections from earlier in the portfolio. The delays were because of Covid-19 closures and many students having to self-isolate.

I am applying for adapted assessment because of Covid.

How their leadership skills have developed

Being brave enough to talk to others about their ideas

  • I asked lots of questions in the meeting with Sue
  • I gave students feedback on their submissions
  • I talked to staff when organising the party

Taking lots of other people’s opinions on board when planning something

  • I asked other students what they thought in our meetings and took their ideas on board for the events

Helping others to connect through art

  • People got to display their work at the exhibit and they were all really interested to see each others work
  • We were all able to talk to each other because of this project
  • I enjoyed showing other students my films at the exhibition

Showcasing the talents of others

  • The exhibition and the magazine allowed students to show of their work. Even students who are not doing arts award got to showcase their work.


  • I had to find pictures and information and pick the best stuff.

How the project has developed their art form knowledge and understanding, communication skills, creativity in arts practice and planning and review skills

The list of skills above covers some of this

how well their project plan worked

The event was a huge success. Here are some quotes from people who spoke about the event:

I love the magazine because it’s like a microcosm of what all of our students are interested in


That movie was terrifying!


It’s so wonderful to see such an outpouring of creativity from the students


Amazing party!


Well done everyone!


This exhibition is really good.


The magazine is brilliant, well done.


You all did amazingly and should be so proud of yourselves after such a difficult year. It’s been an honour working with you all.


Achievements, successes and challenges

I have mentioned lots of the challenges throughout the project in detail. The biggest challenge was time constraints because of Covid-19

What they have learnt about working effectively with others

Covered in the skills list above

What they have learnt from the feedback they received

There wasn’t much time to get feedback but I got lots of compliments on the party and the magazine

What they would do differently in future in terms of improving the project

Have more time!

This is the end of my arts award portfolio.

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