Owen Darlow Gold Unit 1 Part A

Arts Award Gold Qualification Specification:

  •  identification of a main art form/practice and development of skills within a new art form
  • ◗  development of new arts pathways
  • ◗  understanding of the relationship of their own arts activity to current arts practice
  • ◗  a new piece of art work or arts practice
  • ◗  sharing the new work
  • ◗  how to collect feedback and evaluate their overall development

This could include:

  • ◗  details of their main art form/practice
  • ◗  details of the new art form/practice and why they have chosen it
  • ◗  a skills development plan
  • ◗  evidence of working with a practitioner experienced within the new art form or arts practice
  • ◗  evidence of progress
  • ◗  evidence of the new work
  • ◗  evidence of sharing the new work
  • ◗  feedback from others
  • ◗  a final review, including reflection on the new skills developed and the influence they have had on their main art form/practice

My art form : Game Design

My New Skill: 2D Platforming


My Strengths and Weaknesses

My project plan

To collect research I will:

  • Research games and game designers
  • Play 2D platformers made on Gdevelop
  • Interview a game designer if one is available

To plan, practise, and prepare for my project I will:

  • Create a mood board of ideas
  • Work on creating smaller game elements for the game
  • Practice using GDevelop game software
  • Watch GDevelop tutorials on Youtube

To create my project I will:

  • Create artwork for sprites and backgrounds for the game using Pixel art and photoshop
  • Create music for the game in beep box
  • Create play layout scenes in GDevelop
  • Code events in Gdevelop using conditions and actions

To evaluate the success of my project I will:

  • Use GDevelop to generate a play test link that I can send to people
  • Create a questionnaire to send to players
  • Get feedback from my arts award supervisor
  • Respond to feedback and improve the game

How my project will use my strengths

How my project will develop my weaknesses

Evidence of Progress

The plan for my game

My game concept: 
Knight called upon by an ancient forest to fight the evil hoardes of enemies that slaughter his village and it’s protectors. The knight fights through waves of enemies in a forest, desert and an utopian environment where he gets wisdom off this mysterious entity, upon reaching the utopia we find the deified being and get given a choice of what to do.
Game Type
2D Side Scrolling platform game with combat
Setting of the Game
Pixelated but also ‘real’ backgrounds and platforms in the game to create the metaphor for the character being misplaced.
Intro to game
Speech bubbles when interacting with NPCs. The opening sequence would be left quite vague but with enough happening to attract interest from the player regarding the story line.
Main game Goal
Survive, fill in the missing pieces of the story. And to get to the next level
Level goal / gameplay goal
Get to the next level (distance wise) will enemies spawning frequently to prevent this
Character appearance
Pixelated and is a knight
Level 1: Forest level to find the ‘mysterious entity’. Giving vague warnings to the player which hinting about possible plot twists and being deceptive about the nature of our character Level 2: Desert we eventually find the portal leading to the ‘deity’ 
Level 3: Utopia. We reach Utopia where we meet a deified figure and gives us the answers to the questions we have
Completing challenges as we go through the levels 
Level 1 Game Play 
Level 1: Character runs left and right and can climb ladders in trees. If a spider touches the player they die (or lose HP) and a bad noise plays, If the player presses attack they fire lightning at the spider which dies. Spiders drop from above. The treasure is at the top of the furthest tree and when they player touches it they go to a cut scene with a happy noise. There are coins along the way, when they player touches a coin a money score goes up and it makes a twinkly noise.)
Level 1: Our character and player grasp the basics, cut through enemy waves and start to learn the abilities of our character meeting the mysterious entity and putting together some form of narrative 
Game Story
Fight to get to this entity who calls him the greatest warrior and offers you to serve him and bid his evil but the killing and corruption of the ancient voices tells you to kill this deity and take his place doing exactly the same thing and allow this ancient power god like powers… what do you choose? You are in a suspended animation where you have to choose option 1,2 or maybe 3 and get a different end scene everytime. 
NPC (non-player character)
Mysterious entity speaking in riddles 

Working on the Game

Mood Board

The mood board is where I stored images that inspired my game


Making Sprites

Sprites are small pixelated images that appear in the game. They can be animated or still. Here are the sprites developed for my game.

Main Character – Animated – Created in Piskel

I had to make a different set of sprites for each animation, run, idle, and attack.

Idle – For when the player stands on the spot

Run – For when the player moves left or right

Attack – For when the player uses their sword

Enemy – Animated – Created in Piskel

NPC – Not Animated – Created in Piskel

The NPC slides from side to side but doesn’t move in the same way as the other sprites so it looks like it is just gliding.

End of level portal – animated

Pickups and other objects – Found on Google, backgrounds removed in Photoshop

Backgrounds for the main three scenes

These were originally photos found on Google but were Photoshopped to have an artistic look and to be repeating images so that they could be used as repeating tile sprites over a whole level:

Level 1 Tiled Sprite – Forest:

Level 2 tiled sprite – desert:

Level 3 tiled sprite – utopia:

Working with a practitioner and responding to feedback about the new skill: 2D platform gaming

Owen completed his Arts Award online with me on Zoom and in his independent study time. During the lessons, we have often used the Zoom chat to make to do lists and record progress. Owen has added all our chats to his portfolio

Melanie Jones – Supervisor

Chat Folder – All of the Zoom chats I had with Melanie can be found here

Here are some screenshots of key moments from the chats:

25th January 2024

22nd February 2024

28th February 2024

29th February 2024

13th March 2024

14th March 2024

1st May 2024

23rd May 2024


I made the music for the game using Beepbox which is a website where you can sketch out music. I sent each bit of music to Melanie and she sent comments.

Level one music

Level two music

Narrative intro scene music

Death scene music

These sound good, they match the tone of the game and are quite ominous. I like that the music for the second level is both a little more upbeat and a little more dangerous sounding, as if the player has moved up to a new challenge level.

Feedback on level one and two music from Melanie

These are great! The death scene sounds melancholy but the narrative one is quite fitting for the start of the games, I can imagine it playing as the text scrolls and it won’t be too distracting from the story. Well done!

Feedback from Melanie on narrative and death scene music

Creating The New Work

Creation and ongoing evaluation

Overcoming Challenges

Editing / Post Production

Photographing the Work

Click here to see my online exhibition!


Feedback surveys and reactions from others

My Evaluation of this project

How I used my strengths

How I improved on my weaknesses

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