Peters Silver Unit 1 Part B

Making the artwork

Learning New Skills

This is where you will document all the new skills you have learnt and any practice art work you make. This can be done with photos, reports, lesson plans, photos of the whiteboard, it doesn’ have to be written.

Planning the Project

This is where you will document all the planning that you do for the final piece. This can also be done with photos, reports, lesson plans, photos of the whiteboard, it doesn’t have to be written.

Making the Project

This is where you will post photos of the project in progress, it can be photos of you making it, screenshots, messages, the project coming together and should end with some small pictures of the final project.

Sharing the Project

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ONLINE EXHIBITION – a link to a seperate page with photos of the final work

Other sharing – Describe how else the project was shared. (a private view / a printed in school magazine, emailed to parents, an exhibition etc.)


You will create a feedback survey to gather opinions on your art work. We can use an online survey maker to do this.


Here is where you will put the results of the survey. The online survey maker can do this for you but we should post some screenshots here.

Skills Development

Look back that the list of skills from part A and explain how this project helped you to develop them. You could show how you used your strengths and how you developed your weaknesses.


Your evaluation can be written, it could be a video or audio evaluation, you could ask someone to interview you about the project and record it.

The evaluation should include:

A brief description of the original project

How research informed the project

How going to events informed the project

Challenges you ran into while making the project

Skills you developed while making the project

A comment on the feedback you received from others

What you would do differently if you did this again

What you would like to do next to take these skills to the next level

An overall comment on the success of the project and what you enjoyed.

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