Peters Silver Unit 1 Part D

Research and Career Pathways in the arts

In this section you should research other artists and find out how to become successful in your chosen area. There are lots of ways to do this, you could include the following

  • A case study of a famous artist in your field
  • A career map of a famous artist
  • An interview with a successful artist in your field. We have some artists at Treasure House you could ask: Melanie (fashion and wedding photography/webcomic). Jason (musician). Neil (home decor). Helen (sculpture). Oliver (Art Therapy). Barney Music. Barney DT. We can help you to find other artists in different areas. We know prop designers, flute players, costume designers, watercolour artists and more.
  • A blog / film / article about how to become successful in a field

This unit should have 3 sections.

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