Peters Silver Unit 2 Part E


For my leadership project, I made a song based on the lockdown/coronavirus it was designed to cheer people up and remind them that things will go back to normal and we will survive the virus. It was a collaboration. I wrote the music and then I asked people to record parts of the music. I edited it together to make a full song and then I made a music video in iMovie.

I worked with Fabienne who is a piano teacher. She helped me to improve my piano skills and make me a more confident performer. I was able to play a piece at the end-of-term exhibition and prom and I didn’t make any mistakes. I learned a lot about musical notes from her which helped with the project.

I also worked with Melanie who is a grade 8 piano player. I learned that making a composition takes a lot of hard work and effort. My opinion of music has truly changed since doing my silver arts award. Melanie helped me to write the song over the phone even when I couldn’t come into school and showed me that you can’t give up just because there is a set back.

I listened to other songs on Youtube which made me think about what I needed for this project. I found out that editing a song together with different people singing it is really hard. Harder than I thought it would be.

I had some problems getting this project to work. The hardest part was editing all the different parts together. Some people didn’t keep to the key that I wrote the music in or the rhythm so it was very hard to put them together. Everybody recorded it in their own homes because of the virus so they were inconsistent and I couldn’t direct people. The time to even do the project itself was a lot longer than I thoughht it would be. I originally planned a lunchtime jam session which would have taken a lot less time, editing in garage band and iMovie takes forever. Lockdown was a huge problem since I couldn’t use a laptop/pc for the first parts of it. I didn’t even have a keyboard and had to listen to the piano down the phone.

I encouraged others to play music. I feel good about this but confused because I can’t even encourage myself sometimes.

If I did this again, I would try my best to make things a bit easier. I wish more students had done it but because it was lockdown and lots of Treasure House students find it hard to work by Zoom or even on the phone, I couldn’t be around to encourage them. After the project, I have done more to encourage others though. Prince is now taking piano lessons because I encouraged him and he even performed at the exhibition too. We have actually had some lunchtime jam sessions since I finished my project so if I did it again I think I could get more people involved.

Overall, though, I loved everything about this project.

This is the end of my silver arts award portfolio.

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