Descartes’ Disappearance

Missing Person Alert!

Hello detectives! We, the Paris police force, need your help to find our most annoying citizen.

The great historical philosopher Renè Descartes has had a fantastic journey within philosophy; he asserts his ideas about knowledge, God and the mind on others.

However, Descartes has been aggressively complaining to us because of threats he has received verbally but also threats on posters around town. Even though Descartes has many enemies because of all the critiques he sprays out to philosophers opposing his ideas, we didn’t listen to his claims because we thought he had a screw loose, his non-sensical ideas made him seem like a lunatic. He might even have made the posters himself!

However, in recent weeks Paris has gone quiet, Descartes is no longer complaining, we haven’t seen him in weeks … maybe months. The silence is driving us crazy but even though we have been actively searching for Descartes to make sure he still exists, we have found nothing; not even a crumb of evidence which points to his existence ever being so.

Please help us hunt him down and discover who is the culprit behind Descartes’ disappearance!