RMO – Unit 2: Part A

School Newsletter Art Takeover

I have decided to do an art takeover of the school newsletter. The school newsletter is normally written by my art teacher which means that she was able to help me put it together.

Leadership skills

To take over the school newsletter I will need the following leadership skills:

  • resourcefulness
  • ability to communicate well with others
  • ability to encourage people to take part in art events
  • knowledge about art resources
  • knowledge about the software used to communicate with people in the digital age
  • good internet and research skills to find the best information

The School Newsletter

The school newsletter was started when the schools closed because of Covid-19. My art teacher puts the newsletter together every week but the staff and students all contribute. The idea behind the newsletter was to make it feel like we are still a community even when we are far apart. Here are some examples of the newsletter put together by my art teacher before my takeover:

The newsletter contains lots of information and activities for students. It gets sent to every teacher, member of staff, parent, and student, once a week by email.

My Newsletter Takeover

I needed to decide what to include in MY newsletter. This is what I decided:

  • Tips about how to make art including the websites that I use for inspiration
  • Art challenges and competitions to encourage people to make art
  • Information about my Unit 1 art issue, art and black lives matter
  • Information about applying to study art at college and what to do next after treasure house
  • Art made by me and other students.

Judging the success of the project

I will judge the project by creating a survey that will be linked to in the newsletter.

Here is a link to my survey: https://melanie568918.typeform.com/to/K5UXGqyl

And here is the note I put in the newsletter for feedback.

You can see the newsletter I made in the Unit 2 Part C page.

Unit 2 Part B

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