Sinescu Silver Unit 1 Part C

Event Reviews

Event 1 – BFI Southwark October 2019

Some Photos from the BFI

The first event I went to was the BFI. As well as music I really like film and the BFI is great for films. We went to look around and experience some film history and also to look at the photography.

I think this is a great event for people to go to that like film. And for people who are too anxious to go to the cinema with a lot of people.

At the BFI you can sit in a little booth and watched the movie On the Buses and Laurel and Hardy. I really enjoyed watching these films because they were funny. I also liked watching by myself. I think there is lots of funny things in small every day things. Also I liked seeing observations about people because I like to make observations about people’s personalities in my photos.

I also saw some good photos at the BFI, they have big film stills and promotional photos. You can see what I thought of those photos in the picture above.

I would recommend the BFI to anyone who likes films and that is probably most people.

Gfeller and Hellsgard Exhibition

I went to this exhibition online. It helps me with my project because of the bright colours and also the images of people that were distorted and changed which gave me ideas for the graffiti element of my project.

You can see my thoughts on the exhibition here.

Nadav Kander – Virtual Exhibition

I went to the Nadav Kander virtual photography exhibition which you can access here:

This exhibition was very calming and I liked the photos like this one that were showing little bits of people’s lives:

I would recommend this exhibition to people who want to relax. It was a good thing to look at during lockdown as it was nice to see people getting on with their lives and it was also very quiet and gentle.

Skill Development

  • An idea that is all my own – These exhibits helped me to get ideas of my own. The BFI showed me about making a character look really cool and giving a personality through an image.
  • Connected to music – Even though it was film, the actors in the photos at the BFI were presented a lot like musicians, which gave me lots of ideas.
  • Professional looking – I got to see what professional photos looked like at the BFI and in the Nadav Kander exhibit. It was really interesting to see the pictures presented in an actual gallery because I see a lot of photos online. I would love to see my pictures in a gallery one day. I used this when I was doing my unit two project, it was really important to do an exhibition of the photography competition because it made the contestants feel more professional.


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