Sinescu Silver Unit 2 Part E


How I developed my leadership skills:

I want to encourage people to get involved in photography – Everyone in the whole school entered the competition, even students who were suspended or at home for different reasons, sent in photos by email that they had taken at home. All the teachers entered to. The winner was a boy who had not wanted to do photography and only took a picture for this competition because I asked him to. He wasn’t very happy about it! But then when he won he was so happy and he told everyone that he won a Go Pro. This was the first photo he ever took but now he has a camera and can keep taking photos.

I want to be able to plan and organise something all by myself – I planned the competition all by myself and contacted Russ Garrett writing my own emails. I did need a little help but I finished the project on my own.

I want people at school to think of me as being good at something – People say things to me now like “I didn’t know you were such a good photographer” which was one of my feedback comments from unit 1. Also, everyone sees the competition board every time they come into school and know it is my project.

I want to be more confident – I am a bit more confident because I know that people enjoyed the competition and I also was able to write emails to someone I have never met.

Main evaluation:

Mostly the project went very well. We had to wait a long time for Russ to get back to us which delayed things. Also the vintage camera broke and we had to get another one very quickly, but everything was ready by the end of the term to give out the prizes.

The main achievement was getting everyone in school involved in photography. Also, the boy who won was feeling quite bad about school and this was a nice thing to happen for him before he left. The people who got second and third prize were also very happy. I was sad that the vintage camera broke but I think we fixed the problem okay.

I learnt that sometimes you need other people to help you but also that there are things that I can do on my own. I had help from the whole school in the end because everyone got excited about entering the competition.

In the feedback, people said that I organised the competition well, that there was lots of time to enter and lots of posters so everyone knew exactly what to do. The instructions were easy and it was “extremely well organised”. Most people that I spoke to said they would enter a competition again in future and that they enjoyed taking part.

In future, I would probably not put a vintage camera as one of the prizes because it is a risk that it might not work. It might also help people to get involved if I had done a photography lesson at lunch or after school where everyone got to take photos and I could give them tips.

This is the end of my silver arts award portfolio.

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