SM Bronze Arts Award Portfolio

The Bronze Arts Award Portfolio for Savannah Mbungu at Treasure House CIC

Below is all of the evidence for my Bronze Arts Award. If you want to skip to my final exhibition you can follow this link:

Online Exhibition – Horror Book Covers

Teacher Assessment – This is password protected so if you are moderating my portfolio, my teacher should have given you the password.

Part A

In this section I describe my art activity, creating a series of book covers using photography. I took lots of photos for practice and did lots of preparation, including learning to use the studio. There is also a summary of what I have learnt and how my interests, knowledge and skills have

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Part B

For this project, I visited the National Gallery and I reflected on one of the paintings I saw there. I discussed the trip with one of my other teachers.

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Part C

In order to make good horror book covers, I had to do lots of research into other book covers and other horror artists using photography. You can see what I found out in this section.

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Part D

For this section, I needed to share my skills with others. I taught Pauline, the pastoral support teacher at my school, how to make a haunted photograph using an SLR camera and Photoshop.

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