SM Silver Unit 1 Part B Mbungu

Making my horror movie

Learning New Skills

How to create a story board

I looked at this example storyboard and I thought about the features that it had:

iMovie and Ipads

To learn how to shoot and edit a movie, I made a practice movie using an iPad to film my classmates and teachers and learn all of the different skills.

Planning the Project

First I wrote a script for the movie trailer I used a program called Celtx because this is what film professionals use to write their scripts. I was a bit tricky to learn how to use Celtx but it was worth it.

This is the story board I made for my movie trailer, the storyboard helped me to plan out all of the shots.

Making the Project

Sharing the Project

My Final Movie!

Tha password is: SMAAsilver 

Sharing the movie trailer

My movie trailer was emailed to all of the teachers and students at my school so that they could give me some feedback

Put photos of the public showing of your art work.

Other sharing – Describe how else the project was shared. (a private view / a printed in school magazine, emailed to parents, an exhibition etc.)


Here is the survey that I created to see what people thought of my art work:

If it doesn’t load, click here


Here are the results of the survey that I made: click here:

Skills Development

Look back that the list of skills from part A and explain how this project helped you to develop them. You could show how you used your strengths and how you developed your weaknesses.


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