SM Silver Unit 2 Part E Mbungu


For my Leadership project I made a horror SFX makeup tutorial.

To prepare, I did  lots of SFX makeup  tutorials. I talked to a professional on how to achieve the sfx makeup look. I Asked questions and brought equipment for the project. 

I  worked with Bella the SFX makeup artist and Bella gave me advice and told me what to buy to achieve the scary effect. Melanie my arts award teacher helped me a lot by linking videos on how to do the SFX makeup and typing out the instructions for the tutorial.

The hardest part of making this project was finding the right equipment to use. I also found it hard to clean the fake blood.

The skills I developed:

SkillHow I got better at this skill
Teamwork Working confident with other people by emailing Bella.
More confidence Learning a new skill on how to do SFX makeup and improving my artistic skills.
Communication skills Communicating better other people by giving people good criticism and feedback.
Ability delegate Giving instructions to other people like asking  celine to order the makeup.

People who did my tutorial thought the instructions were easy and clear and the pictures helped them understand what there were doing. They said theres not that much I could improve on except apply more cotton to add texture to the SFX wound.

Here are some comments people made on my survey:

“i sent these photos to my friends and family and they all thought it was real! Excellent instructions.”

“the explanations were clear and the pictures helped too.”

Next time I do a leadership project I will make sure i ask for constructive criticism. So i can improve 

Im happy with my project. My favourite part is doing the SFX makeup and looking for the equipment.      

This is the end of my silver arts award portfolio.

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