Aidan Rooney Gold Unit 2: Part D

Public Showing of the work

Savannah was the events manager so the party was mostly her job. However, I was the leader in setting up the art exhibition and I helped with the media station. Here is a list of my jobs on the day.

  • Printing off all the work for the exhibition and laminating it
  • Printing off the mockup magazine and folding it
  • Making the magazine display area
  • Helping Savannah to set up the AV area and making sure all the student videos were playing

Photos from the event

Savannah made the invitations
Jade didn’t finish her comic, but we made sure it was still displayed with a plaque.
Kristin’s Photography.
Kristin’s photography and Nick’s pixel art.
Emily’s Photography and Prince’s Manga Design
The display area that I set up


The Viewing station we set up so that people could watch the films


The Selfie Wall
Setting up the balloons and decorations
Karaoke and Amp set up!

Waiting for guests to arrive along the red carpet.

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