Buck Gold Unit 1: Part B

Arts Award Gold Qualification Specification:

  • ◗  evidence of research into opportunities to participate in the arts
  • ◗  a description of what they did on their placement/volunteering/training/workshops
  • ◗  reflection on how their experiences have supported their learning and arts development
  • ◗  comments about their participation from the practitioners leading the placement/ volunteering/training/workshops

Placement with Peter and Melanie at the Mechanic’s Institute Review

Details of the practitioner and what you hope to learn from them

I completed a six week placement at The Mechanics Institute Review Online, a website for Creative Writing run out of Birkbeck University. Most of the volunteers at MIR work from home so a lot of the work I did was via email. However I did go on a visit to Birkbeck to meet the managing editors of the magazine. During my placemement, myself and one other student organised a Youth Takeover Month. We ran a competition, selected entries, and published the winning stories online.


4/6/19 – Introduction and tour of the website (1 hour)

6/6/19 (2 hours) – Bing given editor WordPress accounts for MIR and learning how to edit a webpage on a professional site.

11/6/19 (1 hour) – Working on practice web pages

18/6/19 (1 hour) – Brainstorming ideas for a Youth takeover month at MIR

20/6/19 (2 hours) – Planning the call for submissions and design for the competition. Publishing these on the site. Learning how to use Trello, a project management software to organise a competition.

25/6/19 (1 hour) – Learning about social media marketing and how to get submissions

27/6/19 (2 hours) – Learning how to manage submissions using excel

2/7/19 (1 hour) – Emailing famous authors and MIR contacts and asking for them to write articles for the youth takeover (author engagement)

4/7/19 (2 hours) – Reading submissions

9/7/19 (1 hour) – Selecting winning submissions

11/7/19 (2 hours) – Scheduling posts to come out in September for the Youth Takeover month.

Friday 12 July 2019 – Trip to Birkbeck to meet managing editor, Peter Coles and attend a copy editing training session

16/7/19 (1 hour) – Copy editing

18/7/19 (2 hours) – Copy editing and finalising the project. Sending thank you emails.

Details of the project

During the placement I learnt:

  • List

Developing Strengths and Weaknesses

Feedback from Melanie and Peter

Reflection on the placement

Virtual Art Placement

Research into potential practitioners

Video Tour

Reflection on the practitioner

Artist’s Challenge

My work for the challenge

Artist’s Feedback on my work

Developing Strengths and Weaknesses

Final Thoughts on both placements

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