Mbungu Gold Unit 2: Part B

Planning the project

Practical issues

We discussed practical issues in our meetings and you can find all of the minutes here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/118irwsMMsJCfr-m2cAzow0vgndIvxinU?usp=sharing

You can find almost all of the practical planning in the meeting minutes but here are some bits that related to me.

I had some specific practical issues for the launch event and these were:

IssueHow I plan to deal with this
What if schools are closed and we can’t have a party?In this case, I will make an online exhibition and we could have a Zoom launch party where teachers read extracts from the magazine and we screen some of the movies
Food?It might be hard to order or serve food during covid so I need to keep an eye on the restrictions
DrinkWe can’t have alcohol at the launch because this is a school and some students are under 18 but maybe we can find non-alcoholic champagne and champagne glasses.
The date for the partyI need to talk to staff and students to find the best date for the party
Music?I would like there to be karaoke and a DJ but I will need to find a teacher who can help me with this.
EntertainmentMaybe some of the students would like to perform at the event
Where to put the exhibitionWe have some good white walls downstairs in the DT area so I will talk to Barney about whether we can exhibit here
Printing ArtI will need to work out how to print out all the art work and how to display it.
How to exhibit work that is not visual (movies / songs)Perhaps we can get a projector?
How to tell peopleI will need to make invites
DecorationI need to plan the décor and find people to help me put it up.

Timescales – This is the timeline we decided on in meeting 2

MonthWhat needs to be done
SeptemberInitial meetings
OctoberDeciding who is going to do what and the vision statement
NovemberCommissioning Articles Coming up with ideas for the design
DecemberCreating Content Social Media Plan Working on the design
JanuaryCreating Content Social Media Plan Working on the design
FebruaryStart Work on the mockup
MarchChase up all the content Final design should be done
AprilCreating a mockup of the magazine  
MaySending the magazine to the printers – Planning the party
JuneGetting the magazine back from the printers – Planning the party
JulyThe launch party

Promotion of the project

We are going to promote the project in four ways

  1. Communicate with staff and students
  2. Have a Social Media Account
  3. Have a Launch Party
  4. Publish articles on the school website

How I will deliver the project

  • I am going to deliver the project by:
  • Attending all the meetings
  • Planning and delivering the launch party
  • Creating Content for the Magazine
  • Helping others

How I will evaluate my leadership development

I will look back at my list of leadership skills and see whether I met all of them.

I will also ask my teachers to write a report on whether I met the skills.

Public showing of the project

The public showing of the project will be the launch party which I am in charge of. I will say more about this later.

Risk assessment – this is my risk assessment for the launch party. We talked about it in group and I recorded the details

Relevant Legislation that we might need to find out about?

  • Actor releases for people involved in films
  • Is it okay to print student work?
  • Consent?

Working with others

We will be working as a team to make the magazine. And we will be working with teachers.

Again, you can see how we did this in the meeting minutes: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/118irwsMMsJCfr-m2cAzow0vgndIvxinU?usp=sharing

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