Peters Silver Unit 2 Part D

Working with others

  • You can look at the last page, unit 2 C to see more evidence of this.
Who I worked withWhat they didEvidence
FabienneTaught me how to play piano better so that I could play piano in the final video of the lockdown songIn unit 2 C, there is a report from Fabienne
MelanieHelped me write the song and lyrics over the phone when I didn’t have any equipment. Passed on all my messages. Helped me to stay organisedYou can see feedback from Melanie in every section
Helen, Barney, Selena, Celine, Alex and MelanieAll these people played an instrument or sang in my videoThe final video, and the emails on unit 2, C
The students doing Treasure MagazineLet me put a write up of my lockdown song in the magazineOn this page there is a screenshot of my lockdown page and you can also see it on the magazine page.

Solving Problems

CovidI had to change my original plan for a lunchtime jam because we weren’t at school and come up with something everyone could od at home.
Not having a keyboardEventually, the school got me a keyboard. They bought a new one for school and leant me the old one so I could practice at home.
AnxietyI could not have Zoom lessons so I had to do everything on the phone. Melanie helped me to do this by breaking the song writing into chunks.
People not playing in the right key / speedThis made editing very hard but I decided to do it in two parts so that there was a key change half way through


There is lots of feedback on the other pages but also I asked everyone for feedback on my lockdown song during the exhibition and wrote it down. This is what they said:

I thought it was good and funny to see the teachers performing


You have really improved Cael, well done


Thanks for writing this song that brought us all together


I enjoyed being a part of this video, it was fun to get my guitar out again


It brought a tear to my eye Cael.


Leadership Skills

SkillDeveloping the skill
Help others to do well  I helped other people to play music in my video, we worked all together to make a great video
See the talent in other people and bring it out  I knew that lots of my teachers could play instruments and some of them hadn’t played for a long time, my project meant that they could get their instruments out again.
Come up with ideas  I came up with ideas and turned them into a song
Lead by example  By having piano lessons I set a good example.

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