RMO – Unit 2: Part C

Making the newsletter

This was mostly done by email communication and on Mailchimp

Melanie also made me a video that I talked about in the last section.eeee

Editing the content

I originally wrote this:

I showed this to teachers who are POC and they said that I hadn’t got the issue about All Lives Matter quite right so I changed it. The point about all lives matter is that when people say black lives matter they aren’t saying only black lives matter and that white lives are not as under threat. You can see the edited version below in the newsletter.

The final newsletter

Here are screenshots of the newsletter that I made. This was sent to all staff, students and parents of Treasure House.

Meeting my leadership skills

Resourcefulness – I had to learn how to use new software. I had to adapt my ideas because of the Coronavirus. I had to learn to be independent because there wasn’t anyone to help me really.

Communicating with others – I had to communicate with Melanie about the project. But a newsletter mailout is one f the ways that businesses communicate in modern times so it is good I learnt to do this.

Encouraging others to make art – I set art challenges for people in the newsletter and they did them.

Knowledge about art resources and good internet and research skills – I had to do some research into art events and resources so I could tell people about it in the newsletter.

Knowledge about communication software – I learnt how to use Mailchimp which is a software that lots of people use and I learnt how it was used during the virus to make us all feel connected.

Unit 2 Part D

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