Sinescu Silver Unit 2 Part C

Implementing the project

I wanted a professional photographer to judge the competition. I looked at the photography of Russ Garrett who is a friend of my art teacher and I really liked his gig photography and landscape photography. I wrote these emails to ask him to judge.
I wanted the prize to be a camera because it would encourage the winner to carry on with photography after the competition. The school gave me a budget of 30-40 pounds so I looked at different cameras that I could get for the money.

Instead of choosing the camera myself, I gave a questionnaire to everyone at school to see what camera they would prefer to win. The camera that they chose was the vintage polaroid camera.

Sadly, the camera was broken so we ended up getting this one instead, I’ll talk about this more in part C when I talk about solving problems.

This is the poster that I made for the competition. I put them up all over the school. You can see that for the second prize I chose a book about photography, and for third prize a lined notebook with a camera on it. They were all photography related.

The Final Project

Lots of people entered the competition which was brilliant, here are the entries:

The Winner Is…

This is the picture that was picked by Russ Garrett.

Brendon won the competition with his picture of Beth!

How was the project shared?

I shared the competion in 4 ways:

  1. I gave everyone a survey allowing them to pick a prize
  2. I put posters all over the school
  3. I announced the winner with the help of my teacher at the end of term (Teacher note: the students gathered for this and I wanted to take a photo but most of our students have extreme anxiety and the camera made them uncomfortable and was ruining Emily’s big moment. I can confirm that Emily asked the head teacher to add her competition to the awards giving at the end of term and that she handed out the prizes while I announced the winners – MJ)
  4. I put this mini-exhibition of the winners and runners up on the school notice board and it has stayed up all year.

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