SM Bronze Part B

I did two visits to art events during my Bronze Award:

The National Gallery

Footprints Set Design Studio

The National Gallery

I visited the National Gallery for part B of the project. I was a bit anxious so I didn’t have my photo taken while I was there but this is my review of the trip.

I went with my English teacher, Fiona, and one other student.

Because of my horror book project, I was on the lookout creepy ghost-like images for inspiration

Some of my favourite pictures. I really liked the angel pictures.
After the trip to the National Gallery, I sat down with my art teacher, Melanie and talked about my favourite painting and what I learned on the trip. My Favourite picture was the Portrait of Hermine Gallia, 1903 by Gustav Klimt.

The Footprints Studio

I went to the Footprints Design Studio in Peckham with my DT teacher Barney, my art teacher, Melanie, and a group of art and DT students. They make props and sets for all sorts of things but have made things for quiz shows and TV shows as well as marketing set ups.

We looked at the studios used for wood and metalwork downstairs. We also got to look at the digital studio and CAD software.

This was helpful for my horror book cover project because it showed me how to make props and items for the shoot and also how important the digital side of things is. I want to make a movie for my silver award so this was really helpful for that.

Pictures from Footprints trip

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