Boateng Gold Unit 1 Part A

Arts Award Gold Qualification Specification:

  • ◗  details of their main art form/practice – DONE
  • ◗  details of the new art form/practice and why they have chosen it – DONE
  • ◗  a skills development plan – DONE
  • ◗  evidence of working with a practitioner experienced within the new art form or arts practice – Started
  • ◗  evidence of progress – Started
  • ◗  evidence of the new work
  • ◗  evidence of sharing the new work
  • ◗  feedback from others
  • ◗  a final review, including reflection on the new skills developed and the influence they have had on their main art form/practice

My art form and why I chose it:

My Art Form: Digital Art using Photoshop

My New Skill: Figure Drawing


My name is Prince, and I am a student at Treasure House School.

My favorite art is japanese manga art, as it just speaks words out of drawings. You can tell what they are doing, even if you can’t understand japanese.

It means life and death. You may experience it once, or experience it forever.

Gold Experience Requiem | JoJo's Bizarre Wiki | Fandom

My digital art

Look at the pictures below and answer the 6 Ws

When did you make these images? I made these last year.

What are they? They are climate change prevention pictures.

Where were they taken? At the back of my school playground

Who are they of? That’s me. I did the poses. They look stupid, but it was approved somehow.

Why did you take the pictures? It was a lesson for a media session.

How did you edit them? Using photoshop. It was really bad in my opinion, as i did not know how to use photoshop at the time. I’m really experienced now.

My Strengths and Weaknesses

StrengthWhat I have done in the past to show this strength
Using a range of different materialsIn my DT work I used a full set of tools to work on a box, almost created a speaker.
Making social observations about real lifeI talk to my classmates on the regular basis and we talk about current affairs.
Measuring and cuttingIn DT, we measured our boxes, and then used type of saw to cut it and amend it back into a box.
Collaborating with othersOn a daily basis, I work with other students and members of staff to do things.
Being inspired by other artistsI went to the Japan centre and i was amazed by how much was there. It inspired me to make my own manga character.
WeaknessesWhy I would like to develop this skill
Expressing emotion and feeling in my artworkI would like to develop this skill to improve my emotions and make my art work better
Art that looks like real life (realism)To expand my range of skills and abilities
Rough construction drawings and sketchesTo improve my technical skills and my art in general.
Telling a story with my artworkTo make the people who look at my artwork understand on what means so I can convey a message and give my drawing an actual meaning.

My project

I plan to design my own manga character. I would like to learn figure drawing and then apply those skills so that I can create a manga character using digital art by drawing on the computer and on paper. I will also need to develop my Photoshop and digital skills to do this. I will learn about anime artists and art in general and I will particularly be inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

To collect research I will:

  • I will research other artists like Hiro Hiko Araki
  • I will visit places like the Japan Centre
  • I will look for anime and manga images to use as inspiration
  • I will find out who can help me with figure drawing and photography

To plan, practise, and prepare for my project I will:

  • I will work with a practitioner to learn figure drawing
  • I will research and gather equipment like pens and graphics tablets
  • I will work with a photographer to help my improve my digital skills
  • I will practice physical and digital drawing

To create my project I will:

  • I will make several rough sketches and pick the best ones
  • I will draw the outlines of my character in marker and on the computer
  • I will use digital and physical colouring skills
  • I will use Photoshop to edit and enhance the character

To evaluate the success of my project I will:

  • I will share my final drawing in an exhibition and in the art magazine I am making for my leadership project.
  • I will write and conduct a survey for people to fill in so I can judge the success of the project
  • I will ask the practitioners that I worked with for feedback
  • I will evaluate the work myself comparing it to the work of my favourite artists.

How my project will use my strengths

StrengthHow can I use this strength in the project?
Using a range of different materialsI will stencils, pen and paper but I could also use the computer and a drawing tablet
Making social observations about real life
Measuring and cutting
Collaborating with others
Being inspired by other artists

How my project will develop me achieve my goals

WeaknessesHow will the new project help me with this?
Expressing emotion and feeling in my artwork
Art that looks like real life (realism)
Rough construction drawings and sketches
Telling a story with my artwork

Evidence of Progress

Learning Projects

Working with a practitioner: Melanie Jones, abstract photographer.

About Melanie

I did a photography project with Melanie Jones, I took photos of my friend Cael so that I could learn about using the studio lights, the camera, and Photoshop. This would help me with my drawing project so I could learn to correct my artwork in Photoshop. It would also help me to learn about posing a character.

About the project

This is the brief given to me by Melanie that shows the skills she taught me and when I could do them independently. I planned the pictures and learnt about lighting, before taking some pictures of my friend. The next week, I did Photoshop to try fix some errors/try to make it better. This is still a work in progress, but I’m almost ready to reveal my artwork.

Learning how to use the studio equipment and camera

The studio equipment was really difficult yet it was eventually understandable.

What is happening in the pictures above?

You took the pictures above, what did you learn by doing this?

What did you learn about by doing the drawings above?

Planning my mini-photography project

Above is the lighting diagram for your Cael shoot here. Why did you chose to use a one point lighting set up.

Taking the images

We can add a gallery of the unedited images here. You should also describe the process of taking the pictures a little.

Editing the images

Describe how you edited the pictures. We can also put a couple of screenshots of you editing the work in Photoshop.

The final images from this mini project

Put a gallery of the final images here.

Feedback from Melanie

I will write some feedback on your project here and explain how you met the brief.

How this project helped me to achieve my goals

Expressing emotion and feeling in my artwork
Art that looks like real life (realism)
Rough construction drawings and sketches
Telling a story with my artwork

Preparing for the New Work

Specific research and planning – Learning new skills

Shopping / Visits / gathering materials etc.

The Plans

Creating The New Work

Creation and ongoing evaluation

Overcoming Challenges

Editing / Post Production

Photographing the Work

Click here to see my online exhibition!


Feedback surveys and reaction from others

My Evaluation of this project

How I used my strengths

How I improved on my weaknesses

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