RMO – Unit 2: Part B

Making The Newsletter

Practical issues

  • I need to learn how to make a newsletter in Mailchimp, I have never done this before. I will need a computer and an internet connection. My teacher can show me how to create the newsletter and my mum has experience of this so she can help.


  • the newsletter will go out in the second to last week of term so it needs to be finished by then. That is 4 weeks from when I started. I should be finished on the Monday of that week so that my teacher can read it and make any suggested changes. I should spend the first week planning and getting used to the software.

Promotion of the project

  • The good thing about this project is that it will promote itself. People already read the school newsletter. However, my teacher Melanie is going to put a message in the previous newsletter letting people know that there will be an art takeover in the next week.

How I will deliver the project

  • It will be emailed to everyone on the subscriber list which is 42 people. There will be an art challenge that I will need to judge and I will publish the winner on my arts award website.

How I will evaluate my leadership development

  • On my feedback survey I will put this question about my leadership skills

Public showing of the project

This will be shown to all 42 subscribers on the email list which is pretty public. But I will also post the winners of my art challenge on this website.

Risk assessment

There isn’t much risk. I might send the message off with spelling mistakes or grammar because I am dyslexic but I can ask my teacher to prof read it for me.

Because I am a white student writing about black lives matter in the newsletter I might risk offending people so I will ask teachers to read and approve what I write firsst.

Health and safety issues

This is also not really that relevant to a newsletter but I should make sure not to spend too much time in the computer chair or staring at the screen. Although we do a lot of that now that everything is in lockdown.

Relevant Legislation

GDPR means that you can’t send emails to people on a subscriber list without permission. Luckily, all staff, students, and parents at the school have signed a piece of paper saying they give permission for the school to hold their email address and contact them.

I should ask permission to use any photos in my newsletter.

Working with others

Working with Melanie, my art teacher

I needed to learn how to use the newsletter and I needed my art teacher’s help. So I could practice, she set me up a dummy account where I could build my newsletter before it got sent out to everyone.

She made a video for me showing me how to use the account. I can’t show the full video as it includes passwords and sensitive information, but here are some screenshots.

Working with Oliver, the art therapist from my school

I needed contributions from other teachers. Oliver has made a cloud gallery for all of the students and teachers and he said I could put some of his art challenges in my newsletter

These are the challenges he came up with:

ART CHALLENGE #1 Draw or paint something you can see out of your window- It could be something big or small- It can be a quick doodle or take a long time
ART CHALLENGE #2A Painting from Random Stuff – Lay down a blanket or towel on a floor. This is your background or “canvas”. Lay down clothes, blankets and objects to make a “painting” or picture out of things. You could create an ‘abstract’ picture from putting together shapes, patterns and colours, or try to make it look like something. Photograph it and share it with Oliver. Don’t forget to put all those things back!

Working with Art Professionals

Izzy Parker and Barbara Jones have made virtual studio tours for Treasure House Arts Award Students and so I put messages to them in my newsletter.

Working with Other Students

I set art challenges for the other students and judged their work.

Another student, Aidan, was running a competition so I put the results of his competition in my newsletter.

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