SM Silver Unit 1 Part C Mbungu

Event Reviews

Going to events was really hard for two reasons:

1 – I get very anxious in public spaces

2 – The covid pandemic meant everything closed.

I did make it to one exhibition though:

Kara Walker Exhibition – 1st October 2019

Skill Development

The trip helped to develop my key skills:

SkillHow I got better at this skill
Using Technology IdependentlyI used the SLR camera all by myself to take photos at the exhibition.

To put the review of the event in the school magazine I had to use publisher and Google Draw and I never used either of these things before.
Having too many ideas and not being able to narrow them downI saw how Kara Walker had pulled out interesting and important moments connected to slavery and highlighted them in her sculpture. Seeing this exhibition also made me know I wanted to put archival footage of slavery in my film
Being too shy to ask people to be in my moviesIt didn’t help too much with asking people, but it did improve my confidence because I was very anxious to go to the exhibition in a group and even though I didn’t stay the whole time because I was nervous, I still managed to spend some time enjoying the art with others. Plus it gave us all something to talk about when we were back at school.


I wrote up my Kara Walker Review and it was published in the school art Magazine that Arts Award Gold students made for their leadership project (I also helped with this magazine once I started Gold)

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