SM Silver Unit 2 Part D Mbungu

Working with others

  • Some of this has been shown on the last page becuase it was connected to how the project progressed, but I’m putting it here as evidence of working with others.

Bella Fryzer

Bella is a SFX artist who helped me when I was learning. I looked at her work on instagram and contacted her by email through my teacher, Melanie. Here are all the emails.

Celine Dufour

Celine helped me to order the suplies I needed. I researched them on Amazon and sent her an order list:

Celine also took part in the tutorial, I sent her feedback and she gave me feedback too!

This is my message to teachers who were able to attend. I originally wanted everyone at school to follow the tutorial but the problem was that the school was closed so I could only give it to the teachers who were still attending school.
This is Celine and Melanie discussing her involvement with the project.
This is Celine’s attempt at SFX make up following my tutorial
Celine gave me some feedback on the tutorial. She noticed there was an item missing from my equipment list so I will need to fix that before putting it in the magazine.
I sent feedback to Celine to tell her how I thought she got on. When I gave out my survey later, one of the questions was about whether I gave good feedback.

Alex Brooke

Alex took part in my tutorial too. He posted his work on the Treasure House teachers Whats App group and Melanie showed it to me. I liked this response because so many people thought it was real!

In this message Alex says he couldn’t see the spreader. This is something I should have made available but the problem was that I wasn’t at school so the spreader could have gone missing and there’s nothing I could do about it because I was in quarantine.

The message from Alex’s friend says:


What the &*%*

Are you in hospital

Tell me you’re in hospital.”

This shows that Alex did a good job because his friends thought it was real.

Solving Problems

Problems that occurred and how I solved them:
  • Schools closed
  • Social distancing meant I couldn’t put makeup on other people
  • I wanted to make a video tutorial but I didn’t have any of the kit or makeup at home when schools closed
  • I intended the tutorial to be for students but schools were closed and all students were at home.


I made a feedback survey which I sent to Alex and Celine to see how they found the tutorial. I also sent it to Melanie and Bella as they had seen how I implemented my tutorial too:

Here are my results:

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